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Pomůžeme Vám s praktickými dopady kybernetické informační bezpečnosti. Společně vytvoříme základy, principy a veškerou dokumentaci tak, aby pro Vás byla přínosem. Jsme Váš bezpečný deštník proti složitostem informační bezpečnosti, s námi get drenched.

Do the changes brought by the NIS2 directive apply to your company?

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Focus on legislation

Naši konzultanti mají právní vzdělání. Díky tomu máme jasný přehled o tom, co se na Vás vztahuje, v jakém rozsahu, a hlavně dokážeme vše vybalancovat tak, abyste byli v souladu s danou legislativou (nejen v ČR) i požadavky Vašich zákazníků.

We respect the business

Cyber information security is pro-business. It is important to have cyber information security set up so that you understand it and can rely on it in the event of incidents. At the same time, it needs to be preventative in nature that doesn't cripple operations.

Practicality over bureaucracy
We are your personal translator. We translate complex aspects of information security into your language. At the same time, we don't just hand over templates. We teach you to understand information security so that you can maintain it yourself in the long term.

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Current events

Jak na NIS2 a nový zákon o KB: jasně a prakticky

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Glossary of terms

Would you like to understand the information security terminology? In our glossary you will find explanations of key terms so that cyber information security is not a black magic for you.

Latest articles

On Thursday, 4 April, the Legislative Council of the Government commented on the New Draft Law on Cyber Security and recommended its revision. According to available sources, the criticism was mainly directed at the embedding of obligations for providers of regulated

The new law on cyber security is due to be effective at the beginning of next year 2025, and it enshrines in Czech law the obligations and rules required by the NIS Directive2. In order for an organisation to be able to respond to

In the last week of January, a new version of the CSF2 (Cyber Security Framework 2) concept was published by the US organization NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology), which is known primarily for its monitoring of critical

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About us

We are a company of consultants with legal education.

We believe that cyber information security does not have to be complex, elusive and confusing. On the contrary, in today's digital age, cyber information security is the basis of work and private life.

So let's make it in a way that everyone understands it and the learned principles help people even after working hours. We approach work with ease and with the belief that everything we do helps the business and it' s not difficult for the employees.

We are part of a German consulting holding that specializes in cyber information security from procedural and technical measures.

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We will help you create the foundations, principles and documentation for the effective security. We will teach you how to understand and rely on your security in case of incidents, so that it is preventive and does not limit the operations.